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Apa Itu Internet ? the internet has become an invaluable resource in the workplace, the world's largest reference library, social media center, and now pornographic outlets with just one click. This availability presents a significant risk factor for employer responsibilities and burdens thousands of hours of productivity every day by entrepreneurs. Apa Itu Internet, monitoring employee internet usage is one way to reduce employer responsibilities, and whether you agree with the principles behind internet monitoring, many employers agree that it is a necessary crime.

Internet users range from top management employees in private offices who watch hardcore pornography, to department assistants in rooms that spend 3 hours a day shopping online, making travel arrangements, and paying bills through the company's internet. Internet abuse is endemic in the workplace and organizations are forced to face problems directly, or suffer the consequences. Apa Itu Internet, among the many consequences of internet abuse are loss of productivity and a number of litigation problems such as sexual harassment, hostile work environments, and discrimination. Monitoring employee Internet access is one of the ways organizations limit their responsibilities.

Determining the abuse of the Internet is the first challenge, and creating an acceptable use policy (AUP) throughout an organization is the first step in the definition. AUP defines what constitutes abuse of the internet in your organization. What can be accepted by internet behavior in one organization may not be acceptable in other organizations, so AUP is a very special policy, based on the mission of the organization. Organizations determine what lines will be taken when it comes to Internet abuse.

The key to the successful implementation of AUP in most organizations is similar to the problem of developing other policies in the workplace. Apa Itu Internet, there must be "top-down" "support," in other words, organizational leaders must agree to the principles of the AUP and try to push the policy down to the directors, managers and supervisors in the organization. . The most critical stage of AUP development depends on the "support" of top management and their willingness to demonstrate the importance of this policy for the entire organization.

Holding a series of Internet workshops with employees of your organization is one way to introduce acceptable new usage policies. As an education session, internet workshops can address sensitive issues surrounding internet abuse in open forums where employees can ask questions and provide input in non-confrontational situations. During internet workshops, organizations can start educating employees about the abuse of the Internet and giving them the opportunity to reevaluate their internet habits at work. It is important for you to be as open as possible with your employees regarding the methodology you choose to enforce AUP.

For example, if the organization has decided to use internet blocking technology, AUP must determine the type of website that will be blocked, for example, many organizations block pornographic sites, "dirty depictions" and "hate". Apa Itu Internet, discussing the types of websites that the organization has decided to block and answering questions about reasons for blocking will strengthen the organization's mission, and show the types of inappropriate websites in your organization.

If your organization will monitor and report on employee internet access, the workshop will give you the opportunity to show employees what the internet report is like, and discuss the circumstances in which they will be used. Apa Itu Internet, taking the mystery out of what the organization plans to do with monitoring and blocking the internet will reduce employee speculation and set new expectations throughout the organization.