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6 things that make Overkill’s The Walking Dead different from other zombie games

Fast zombies, infected zombies, slow zombies, mutated zombies are all familiar terms when mentioning zombie games. Besides the similarities, The Walking Dead, the latest game developed by Overkill Studio, has many differences, which will surely bring a lot of exciting experiences to players.
1, A new character system

The game occurs in Washington DC, which was destroyed by a terrible zombie pandemic. There are 4 characters in Overkill’s The Walking Dead that gamers can choose to play: Aidan - a black architect with a baseball bat as his weapon; Maya – a nurse in the hospital; Grant – an old man who is trying to look for his niece; and the last one, Heather – a very strong and assertive woman. Each character has unique fighting skills, promising to bring many new exciting things for players to discover. For more information, come to Best apk file download site

 2, Walkers are quite slow

Unlike zombies in Left 4 Dead, Walkers in The Walking Dead is quite slow. However, if you are not careful, they can attack you at any time. Walkers also have an excellent hearing ability, so if you do not want to be attacked by an army of zombies, try not to make too much sound. They even pretend to die and lie on the ground until you get close to them.
3, You can prevent zombies from breaking the door by obstacles

They may move slowly but are very strong. When zombies appear, you can walk into a house and close the door; but if there are no obstacles, they can still break the door. To ensure your safety, you should place some barriers on the door to prevent them from breaking it. You can also set traps around or kill them by using your melee weapons. 
4, Other survivors are not your friends

You are not the only the one trying to survive in the rotten world of The Walking Dead. The other survivors scattered throughout Washington and there is not much good things in them anymore. The circle on each person’s head shows the distance between you and them, so you should sneakily do everything to make others feel surprised and hide from snipers before you become their “prey”. You can also attract the attention of zombies towards the other survivors to protect yourself. Don't forget Free site for apk apps and games download -
5, Walkers have a good hearing, so let attack at close range

Unlike Left 4 Dead, in this game, guns are not the most powerful weapon. You cannot kill them by simple shooting; a headshot is the only way to ensure that they will die. As we mentioned before, Walkers have a good hearing, so you should attack them at close range. In case they have not seen you yet, sudden attacks from behind are always the perfect choice.
6, Use grenades

A smoke grenade is exactly what you need. It creates a dense fog area that prevents zombies from seeing you even when you are running right next to them. Stun grenades make Walkers obedient, so you can kill them without them counter-attacking you. It is really beneficial when you have to fight with the horde and reduce their numbers. 

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