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FIFA 18 | Tornado - Launch Trailer

That's what the FIFA 18 launch trailer said like a tornado. What do you need for such a pretext? Gameplay, Footballers and Goals! Do you have these? Of course, we got a little extra free mobile legends diamonds.

There are plenty of visual extras, Ronaldo, Griezmann, Alli and Roberto Carlos, and a very cool shot, which will only be available in the toolbox of these players. This is the " tornado ". The special kick is debuted with a complete video clip that was officially launched (and not just for EA Acces owners), the FIFA 18 coin generator xbox and playstation.

Would you like to try the game? Come to Lurdy House at Launch for the afternoon at 4 pm and win this year's best football game! Do not you have the option of fifa 18 ultimate team free coins? Help with Console Help! Click on the picture to order it.