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What is the news of FIFA 18?

FIFA 18 is a videogame on soccer developed by Electronic Arts , being number 24 of the FIFA series. It was released in September 2016 and is FIFA 17 Online Hack available for PC, Play Station 3, Xbox 360 and Xbox One . This new edition is characterized by simple and successful improvements that have guaranteed its success, among which the implementation of the Frostbite graphic engine stand out , being the first game of the series to use it and in which there will be incorporation and interaction with soccer coaches. FIFA 18 Coin Generator Origin But without a doubt, one of the most outstanding news of FIFA 18 is the addition of a story mode called "The Journey", whose protagonist is known as Alex Hunter.

Learn about FIFA 18 news

Story mode: "The Journey"

Sports games are often criticized due to the irremovability of their plots, and despite their irrefutable success, can be a bit tedious and even repetitive for their players. For some time, several series have implemented the option of narrating an alternate story, according to the theme of the game, as an added value of it.

Undoubtedly, the most representative novelty of FIFA 18 Hack Xbox 360 is the incorporation of this modality of history , which consists of an interactive film, a story narrated with all the art of cinematography, in which the single player will become a promise of the Premier League, with the possibility to play in any team of the same, which in turn offers twists in the plot. His name is Alex Hunter, he is 18 years old and is a young soccer talent.

However, it was confirmed before its launch that due to technical limitations, this game mode will not be available in the PlayStation 3 or Xbox 360 versions.

News of FIFA 18 new engine: Frostbite

For some years, some criticisms related to the FIFA series is specifically directed to the visual aspect, and it is clear that they were taken into account for the launch of FIFA 18. This edition has been replaced by the powerful graphics engine Frostbite , which is also used in the popular Battlefield series, obtaining remarkable visual benefits, among which are better animations (kicking, ball movement, mobility of players on the field), a more realistic appearance of the equipment and stadium and, they could not miss, more details on the faces of the characters.

Improvements related to the gameplay

As for the gameplay, there are also small improvements. Among them, the addition of the J1 League and the J. League Cup of Japan, available for the first time in the game, as well as the addition of the Suita Stadium of the Gamba Osaka Club, as a new licensed stadium.

With the new Frostbite engine, improvements are seen not only in the physical appearance of the ball, but in the gameplay. The experience is improved with regard to the mobility of the players when making maneuvers with the ball, in the position of the goalkeepers in the corner kicks, the tactics for the corner kicks and the celebrations, Free Dragon Mania Legends Gems besides the possibility of skipping the scenes in which the players are injured.