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CIPinCIS (5)
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Developer: EMA Design Automation
Version: 1.1
Plug-In Type: OrCAD Capture
For Use With: OrCAD CaptureCIS and EMA CIP
Size: 10kb

Price: FREE
Instant access to search and download component data for millions of parts without having to leave OrCAD Capture
App Description
Now you can launch CIP directly within OrCAD Capture CIS making it even easier to find the part information you need when you need it!

Please Note:
This app requires the user to have OrCAD Capture CIS and OrCAD CIP as prerequisites. The app provides the ability for users to access CIP inside OrCAD direclty (previously this access was through an external web browser)

What is CIP?
The Component Information Portal™ (CIP) offers Cadence® OrCAD® Capture CIS users a comprehensive, "off-the-shelf" CIS management environment that includes a 5,000 part component library with a pre-defined set of fields. CIP also provides users with a distributor interface that allows them to download distributor part data directly into their CIS database.

Learn more about OrCAD CIP

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User Reviews (5)
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Works OK. Would be most useful if can have options for Auto Login In addition - major problem is that if close CIS with CIP logged in, cannot relogin until a time out period. Makes it safer to have CIP opened in a different window

Good Intergration with Capture. Makes it an easier process when adding / searching for parts.


Very useful if you only have one monitor. Easily switch between tabs when working on schematic to find or verify a part with CIP. Keeps CIP within easy 'reach' and not buried under a multitude of windows.

what is the CIP URL SETUP? What is CIP URL? I Don't know find the CIP URL? [Editor's note: This app is an add on to CIP and does not include CIP with it. CIP can be purchased through your local Cadence channel partner.]
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