Welcome to the New OrCAD Capture Marketplace

OrCAD EDA tools have evolved to provide a more integrated and optimized online experience to access OrCAD- and design-specific information and content.  The new Cadence OrCAD Capture Marketplace & Online Store for apps puts the PCB design “universe” at your fingertips, representing a fundamental change in the way design data / information and even product enhancements are accessed during the design process.

New Products and Services to Help You Design

New Applications
On-demand apps provide access to new or enhanced features and capabilities, giving you immense power to customize OrCAD tools
Libraries / Models
Download publicly available PSpice / IBIS simulation models and library parts from semiconductor and supplier sources
Connect with component manufacturers and distributors around the world to research and select the right components

Access OrCAD-centric multimedia such as application notes, white papers, product tips, movies, and more to inform and educate yourself
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